Snowbowl! X-års Jubileum - Ludvika - 16-17 December 2023

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Pläjz: Ludvika Bridgeklubbs lokaler. Skolgatan 13 Ludvika.

Datum: Allmänt känt helgen före jul 16-17 dec.

Price & Payment: 150 SEK, 250 SEK för inklusive nafmedlemskap. För icke NAF medlemmar pris 400 SEK

Registrering skickas till

Swish: 070-929 26 49

Schema: Som vanligt så är det lottning och gruppspel sedan slutspel. Alla kommer att vara garanterade att spela 6 matcher oavsett när man blir utslagen då det därefter blir placeringsmatcher.


09:00 Registrering och lottning:

09:30 - 11:45 Match 1

11:45 - 14:15 Match 2

14:15- 15-15 Lunch

15:15 - 17:30 Match 3

17:30 - 19:45 Match 4

19:46 - sent Social & Middag


09:30 - 11:45 Match 5

12:00 - 14:15 Match 6

14:15 - 15:00 Prize cermony

Tie-breaker are done by penalty shoot-out:

* Rules for penalty shoot-out.

Before penalty, both teams can make KO rolls to regain extra players. The penalty shoot-out takes place in a classic best of 5 penalties shoot-out each. If there would be a draw after 5 penalties shoot-out will the match be taken into golden goal penalties shoot-out. Each penalty consists of an unmodified strength test for distance and an unmodified agility test for accuracy. Players who hold the skill Kick will have +1 for both rolls in the penalty shoot-out. If a team can´t field any players for the shoot-out the team have too wait until the opposing team has made a penalty for all of its remaining players before each team starts with their respective first shooters again.

For NAF purposes the game will be registred as a draw as per the full time result.


The Tournament uses the Bloodbowl 2020 edition Exhibition play rules.

Minimum of 11 rostred players before any possible starplayers is manditory.

Stacking of skills is not permitted by any team unless tier 4. Normal skills cost 20k Tv and secondary 30k tv. Yes deviates from normal.

No stats upgrades or random skills allowed.

Roster creation

You have 1130 tv to build your team including sidelinestaff inducements etc.

Tier 1 - 120K to spend for additional team building or additional selected skills

Dwarf, Dark elf, Lizardmen, Undead, Woodelf, Imperial nobility

Tier 2 150K to spend for additional team building or additional selected skills

Chaos Dwarf, Amazon, Norse, Skaven, Orc, Underworld, Necro, Vampire

Tier 3 180K to spend for additional team building or additional selected skills

Human, Highelf, Elven Union, Tomb Kings, Khorne

Tier 4 200K to spend for additional team building or additional selected skills + May also stack two additional skills for the total price of 50 k (20k skill + 20k skill +10k stacking penalty)

Chaos Renegades & chosen, Nurgle, Ogre, Old world alliance, Slann, black orc

Tier 5 - 180K to spend for additional team building or additional selected skills. Also have the right to buy 1 star player

Haflings, Goblins, Snotligs


All! Teams can induce a Snowplow for their team as their 12+ player. For the Grand sum of 300K you get:

0-1 Snowplow 3 7 5+ - 11+ BONEHEAD, Loner 5+, Break Tackle, Dirty Player (+2), Mighty Blow (+1), No hands, Secret Weapon, Stand Firm.

So a regular overpriced deathroller with bonehead.


0-1 Snowplow (300k)

0-1 Halfling Master Chef (300k, 100k for halfling teams)

0-6 Assistant coaches (10k)

0-12 Cheerleaders (10k)

0-2 Bloodweiser Kegs (50k)

0-3 Bribes 100k (Bribery & Corruption teams, 50k) No bribes allowed if your team has one or more players with the “Sneaky Git” Skill.

0-2 Wandering Apothecaries (100k)

0-1 Morgue Assistant (100k)

0-1 Plague Doctor (100k)

0-1 Riotous Rookies (100k) Only low cost lineman

0-1 Biased ref (120 k) (80 k Bribery & Corruption teams)


1st - You win the final

2nd - you do not win the final, but you were there.

Goblinslayer Kaju award - Best record outside "A"-Playoff

Flairest Elf - Best sum of positive TD net and negative CAS net combined.

Last table suprise - Loserbrackets antifinal will have a suprise for the game.

Most Cas - Most players sent to the opposing cas box. Everything counts

Most Touchdowns - Scored the most TDs

Grand slann - Best Slann player.


Q: May I bring my own beer to the games? A: Yes! As long as you treat the hosts!

Q: Will we get any lunch? A: We will most likely visit the local restaurants in the area for meals and try out the Ludvika cuisine. It will be a real treat for those of you that have never eaten pizza or hamburgers.

  • Snowbowl will also treat everybody with bananas so they dont behave like monkeys.

Q: What is a Skuld-Move? A: If one coach are attempting to advance with the ball close to the sideline and gets knocked down by the opposing team so that the ball scatters out in the crowd and the crowed tosses the ball 12ish squares in the wrong direction. Then the opposing team have made a Skuld-Move.

Q: Any coach suffering from allergies? A: So far only one coach that are allergic to nuts, so do not bring nuts to the game. You will not be allowed to eat them there.

Q: What if I field 12 players? A: Remove one player at random on your team and add +1 Fan Factor to your opponent for this game. The Fan Factor will stack!

Q: Who control read & spell checked this post? A: Kaju and possibly a Pidpad, all blame to those two for any misstakkkes.


  1. Skuld (B) Odd man out
  2. IFTP (Fett O-B)
  3. Grumplekins (B)
  4. Sindragosa (B)
  5. Mr. Selecta
  6. Juiblex
  7. dr. Xxl
  8. melisqus
  9. Straume (NOR, B)
  10. brocCooLi
  11. Frantic
  12. Viccy (B)
  13. sirvejlance
  14. jom
  15. coma
  16. duckwing
  17. pidpad
  18. nyaga
  19. Ozt
  20. Reaper_man
  21. Kanto
  22. Twoflower
  23. Ionas (BR)
  24. Sluukas
  25. Chrixx
  26. Järnsida (B)
  27. Martin85 (NOR,B)


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