Tillsammans mot cancer! The Four Ways

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Hej allesammans!

Join and defeat cancer!

When? on 4 June 2022 in Spelens Hus (Slottsgatan 133, 602 20, Norrköping)

Admission: a donation to the Childhood Cancer Foundation (Barncancer Fonden), you choose

the amount yourself but SEK 150 will be great! Here's the link.


How to register: Send your roster before the end of May 16 to g.zalayabueno@gmail.com

Please confirm here too so we can see how many people is on the list.


There will be solidarity prizes, but there is also this option: Do you have things related to the

fantasy football or hobby related at home that you don't use and want to donate them to a good

cause? You can put a price on them and the money will be credited to Barncancer Fonden

(Swish) as payment. They can be figurines, dice or whatever looks good to you. There will be a

space dedicated to expose all the stuff.

Only one tier and four teams (ways) avaible: Ape, Rat, Turtle and Tiger. There are fantasy

football teams inspired in the old fashion martial arts movies. There are simple, generaly one

positional and linemen to complete the team. The positional is called "sensei".

I am aware that it is not a naf tournament and also that the teams are different, but we are going to give them a chance and spend a good bloodbowl day together for the best cause.

Rules for the tournament:

- 1000K to build the team.

- Teams will resurrect at the end of each games. No SPPs, injuries or any roster changes carry

over between games.

- BB20 Rules but not Deathzone. Rules Not Allowed


No referees

No Special Play Cards

No Special Weather tables

No Special Balls

No Infamous Coaches

No Sporting Giants

No Mercenaries

- Inducements avaible: Cheerleaders, Assistant coaches, Bloodweiser kegs, Wandering Apothecary, Brives, Star players*.

- Star players*: YES, but only the ones that are included at the end of the document. If both

teams pick the same starplayer nothing happens, both can use them without a problem. - Stars

cannot be given skills. Only ONE star player is allowed after having 11 players in the team.

- Swiss pairing.

18 coaches max

What to bring:

- 3 color minimum painted and based team with suitable models. If you don't have a team or

positional (Sensei or Starplayer) but you wanna play them just ask and you can borrow it! Just

tell me in advance :)

- Block dice

- D6s, d8, d16

- Ruler

- A printed copy of your team roster including skill purchases and inducements

- Upgraded players must be clearly marked

- If it's possible, please bring your own pitch.

The Four Ways Rat, Tiger, Ape, Turtle – 3 Simple Skills + 1 Double

- One extra skill maximum per player.

- Each skill may be taken a maximum of 2 times.


1st place

Best Noob (First tournament)

Best Painted

Most Kind

Most casualties (public, fouling counts as a casualties)

2nd place

Wooden Spoon (last place)


Win – 3 points

Draw – 1 points

Lose – 0 points

+1 bonus point for each Touchdown scored up to a maximum of 3

+1 bonus point for each Casualty inflicted up to a maximum of 3

Tie Breakers

Win Percentage

Net TD

Net Casualties


9:00: Entrance

Intro 9:00 -9:30

Round 1 9.30-12:00


Round 2 13:00 – 15:30

Round 3 15:30 – 18:00


Round 4 19:00 – 21:30

Prizes & Goodbyes

Please don’t be late.

Be kind, this is a super friendly tournament and there is also a prize for being so! Remember

that this is to raise funds for a great cause.

Spelens Hus is a non alcohol place, you can buy some non-alcholic drinks or cofee here or

bring some of your own.

Here in the link to check the teams avaible:


1- Gonzas100

2- Peter B

3- Hans

4- Loke

5- grumplekins

6- Björn

7- Juiblex

8- Pellevin

9- Thomas

10- KaithOEX












Ta hand om er,



  • Jag vill spela spel för en god sak på min födelsedag. Hoppas proxyfigurer är OK ^^

  • Helt ok, men jag ska fixa flera senseis av varje lag så du kan låna vilket som helst du behöver, bara sa och det blir fixat. Vad kul att fu firar år då! Vi komer att fira ordentligt :) Du är i listan redan!

  • Låter jättekul! Ska se om jag kan ta mig till Norrköping

  • Lär bli Apa för mig om jag dyker upp

  • Jättevälkommen Drexxl, det blir kul om du kan! Jag skriver dig i "kanske" listan. 🦧

  • Jag skriver också upp mig på "kanske"-listan.

  • Jag är intresserad.

  • Fråga: det är en del skills jag inte känner igen - finns de någonstans?

  • Hej, Skriv upp mig!

  • Vissa skills är tagna från starplayers. Senseis har ram, treacherous, strong passing game, consumate professional osv. De kommer ifrån reglenboken :)

  • Treacherous: Once per game, if a team-mate in an adjacent square to the gutter sensei is in possession of the ball when the gutter sensei is activated, that player may immediately be knocked Down and the gutter sensei may take possession of the ball. No Turnover is caused as a result of using this special rule.


    Once per game, when an opposition player is Knocked Down as a result of a Block action performed by the Tiger Sensei, you may apply in additional +1 modifier to either the Armour roll or Injury roll. This modifier may be applied after the roll has been made. 

    Crushing Blow

    Once per game, when an opposition player is Knocked Down as the result of a Block action performed by the Turtle Sensei, you may apply an additional +1 modifier to the Armor roll.

    This modifier may be applied after roll has been made. 

    Strong Passing Game

    Once per game, after making a Passing Ability test to perform a Pass action, the Orango Sensei may choose to modify the dice roll by adding his Strength characteristic to it. 

    Consummate Professional: Once per game, the vermin sensei may re-roll one dice that was rolled either as a single dice roll, as part of a multiple dice roll or as part of a dice pool (this cannot be a dice that was rolled as part of an Armour, Injury or Casualty roll).

  • Hej,

    iom att jag kommer vara spelande domare om vi blir jämnt antal så vill jag lista min draft redan nu:

    2 RR

    1 Apothecary

    Orango Sensei (Simple - Leader)

    Bonobo Sensei

    9 Lineman (Simple- 2 linemen med Block. ----- Double -1 lineman med Guard).

    1 starplayer : Senkan Sensei 100k

  • Put me in coach! Jag ställer absolut upp!

  • Wow välkommen!

  • Hej

    Hur gick denna turnering?

    Funkar det bra med egna regler?

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